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yacine96 9 hours ago

My video works guys try it

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RebelResurrected 13 hours ago

@Locke. I have a link for 720p englisgh but its a torrent not stream. If you're interested pm me.

MHGKoobs 17 hours ago

i all saw them in english but maybe the quality can be better. if you see one that is not in english, just take an other link.

Linrox 19 hours ago

SGO is pretty bad, bad acting bad script, and terrible cg. I would rather they finished the SGU properly than watch this.

Linrox 19 hours ago

I was all excited when i heard they were making Stargate Origins, but it looks like a half baked script with poor CG.

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Schrunsekris 21 hours ago

Episodes definetly too short. Miss SG and would love there to be another show. It still has so many potential to tell more stories. Star Treck can do it, why not SG?

Locke a day ago

anyone have 720p or higher versions in English?

Tonia1 a day ago

If your a real fan of Greek Myth or history and have studied and/or read the Iliad, then sorry to say this series so far delivers nothing close to that epic poem. I'm not gonna get into the SJW stuff and media bias. Characters are poorly represented, the story is far from anything close to the Iliad, it is dark settings, seems cheap production and looks nothing like bronze age Greece/Troy in a form. Looks more like the dark ages. It simply is very boring and bad story writing. To they just love to pump things out now for movies and tv series and then get critics and media to just support all this garbage. Paris, comes out like a drunk dumb fool. Hector like a weakling thus far. The only thing the probably got right is naming Aphrodite in Greek and selecting a beautiful female to fit the role.

TeamCohutta1 a day ago

I'm waiting to watch all the episodes as a movie. But I'm not sure I want any more SG:Universe--the final episode (220 The Gauntlet) had the best ending of any series--Eli looking at the stars as Joel Goldsmith's haunting theme played (which every fan ought to google)

MHGKoobs a day ago

RadiationBoy 2 days ago


RadiationBoy 2 days ago

sim min epo, not bloody six anymore……i know i still don't read them…..

RadiationBoy 2 days ago

I know, i don't get it. W were left with Robert Carlyle in SG Continuum, high scrips, greab cgi and then they jump back, the only familiar face being Conner Trineer (engineer from Backula's Enterptise) and 2 7 minute epos and 3rd being 9 minutes. I am a trained script writer and director, but no "non-fanatical: SG fan would watch this ergo huge revenue loss. But in the US there would be no break in this so they would either have the money inflluce from the just befoe showing, and whislt its going to make a little cash as Koobs suggest, they will not be getting enough money for all the viewers who won't watch again, after this. And yes watching Trinnear act for one scene is the only fucking reason i'm staying with it. & fuckingmins I'\m not bloody six anymore!!

MHGKoobs 2 days ago

at first, its s shame they are so short . and second, why dont make the sgu fineshed? it still has an open ending. still dont know what will happen to the people on the Universe. still waiting for the ending and still hoping they will finish it. but no they just start to make new short ones, maybe its to make money for they last part of sgu, idk. but then again why so short. edit 2 episodes together and you have a normale episode. 10 min + 10 min = 20 min. i sure do like all the SG series and movies, and also watched them all. im a big fan of it.

MHGKoobs 2 days ago

Where is the serie? your over date.

fifi949 3 days ago

Does anyone has a link with english subtitles, thanks

darkharvest 3 days ago

@dextr911 The new episode links are up. s3 e 3

dextr911 3 days ago

its the episode from seasn 2!!!!

polferis 4 days ago

This is last week episode for the moment. A confusion has been created on the internet.

Jeannn 4 days ago

Ok how does one become admin on here the shits really pissing me off now ?????????????????

darkharvest 4 days ago

s32 e8

Jeannn 4 days ago

So yeh if ppl are geting paid for uploading then its about time someone got paid for clean up too

Popcorn 4 days ago

Excellent murder mystery, So many twist to this and wish this was more than a 4 part series. Excellent actors too..

Popcorn 4 days ago
Tonia1 5 days ago

Do something for the fucking bots, for god shakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyndryd 5 days ago

processing the 5 stages of Grief in under one hour.

Dobby0001 5 days ago

These are not the US version of the show as listed. These are the Uk ones.

Jeannn 5 days ago

yup someone needs to clean this site up its like a dumping ground these days

OneandOnly2016 6 days ago


johnhulsen 7 days ago

It.s verry good top of my list

fifi949 7 days ago

warlam 7 days ago

OMG all users it`s robots and SPAMM this site :|

warlam 7 days ago

OMG all users it`s robots and SPAMM this site :|

yup 7 days ago

May I get some working links for season 1 of Mozart in the Jungle? Please and thank you

yup 7 days ago

Can I get some working links for Mozart in the jungle? Please and thank you

BERKZ 8 days ago

can someone please upload this episode??????

Kyndryd 8 days ago

got an itch for history? want to know what ELSE there is in a museum? THIS IS YOUR PROGRAM.

fifi949 8 days ago

Anyone with different links? Vodlocker says ''This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN'' Thanks

fruko 8 days ago


fruko 9 days ago


omg it Micheal the hybrid wraith from stargate atlantis

polferis 10 days ago

Check on sister site, there is

darkharvest 10 days ago

s6 e00 Behind The Ink: Dirty Love

WildKamots 10 days ago

Why hasn't this been uploaded in the last two weeks? I come here so I don't need to go somewhere else to watch.

Tonia1 10 days ago

Seriously, I don't know what they are watching or if they need a "stickectomy" but Star Trek: Disc is awesome. I imagine it was how it was always supposed to be; the story lines are great (some really good twists and turns in there), the graphics are amazing, the cast is brilliant! Of course it sends some bad messages (new world order, you know), but i think that we have the mind to seperate the show from all that

menraholez 10 days ago

Season 5 premiers in June

menraholez 10 days ago
BERKZ 10 days ago

did this show get canceled?

BERKZ 10 days ago

anyone have links to these seasons? or a site that has working links?

Rate :
Genres: Drama Mystery Horror
Year : 2011
Episode Runtime: 45
First Aired: October 5, 2011
Status : Continuing

Watch American Horror Story Online

American Horror Story is a horror-drama television franchise created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Described as an anthology series, each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a disparate set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own "beginning, middle and end".

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American Horror Story Episodes

Episode Name
Air Date
Includes Spoiler!
- 5 months ago
My god Killroy, you are just a salty asshole aren't you mother fucker! You are soooo tough calling people snowflakes.... such scary
- 5 months ago
orly. pathetic hollywood garbage. possibly the most painful three hours of my life. pure shit.
- 5 months ago
Evil Things s01 episode01 links:
Jamie Brewer as Marjorie (Season 4)
Evan Peters (Season 3) as Kyle Spencer
Neil Patrick Harris as Chester Creb
Gabourey Sidibe as Regina Ross (Season 4)
John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown
Rose Siggins as Legless Suzi
Patti LaBelle as Dora Brown
Skyler Samuels as Bonnie Lipton
Wes Bentley as Edward Mordrake (Season 4)
Jyoti Amge as Ma Petite
Erika Ervin as Amazon Eve
Mat Fraser as Paul the Illustrated Seal
Dylan McDermott as Johnny Morgan (Season 2)
Sarah Paulson (Season 1) as Billie Dean Howard
Jamie Brewer as Adelaide Langdon
Denis O'Hare as Larry Harvey
Lily Rabe (Season 3) as Misty Day
Lily Rabe (Season 1) as Nora Montgomery
Frances Hardman Conroy as Moira O'Hara
Frances Hardman Conroy as Shachath (Season 2)
Sarah Paulson (Season 3) as Cordelia Foxx
Danny Huston as The Axeman
Denis O'Hare as Spalding
Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow
Jessica Lange (Season 3) as Fiona Goode
Kathy Bates (Season 4) as Ethel Darling
Michael Chiklis as Dell Toledo
Emma Roberts (Season 4) as Maggie Esmerelda
Evan Peters (Season 4) as Jimmy Darling
Sarah Paulson (Season 4) as Bette and Dot Tattler
Angela Bassett (Season 4) as Desiree Dupree
Finn Wittrock as Dandy Mott
Alexander Dreymon as Luke Ramsey
Patti LuPone as Joan Ramsey
Riley Schmidt as Rubber Man
Jenna Dewan-Tatum as Teresa Morrison
Morris Chestnut as Luke
Britne Oldford as Alma Walker
Matt Ross as Charles Montgomery
Naomi Grossman as Pepper
Josh Hamilton as Hank Foxx
Kate Mara as Hayden McClaine
Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie
Angela Bassett as Marie Laveau
Kathy Bates as Marie Delphine LaLaurie
Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery
Clea Duvall as Wendy Peyser
Adam Levine as Leo Morrison
Chloe Sevigny as Shelley
Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy Howard
Lizzie Brocheré as Grace Bertrand
Zachary Quinto as Dr. Oliver Thredson
Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice McKee
Evan Peters (Season 2) as Kit Walker
Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters
James Cromwell as Dr. Arthur Arden
Jessica Lange (Season 2) as Sister Jude Martin
Alexandra Breckenridge as Moira O'Hara
Frances Hardman Conroy as Gloria Mott (Season 4)
Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon
Dylan McDermott as Ben Harmon
Jessica Lange as Constance Langdon
Zachary Quinto as Chad Warwick (Season 1)
Evan Peters as Tate Langdon
Taissa Farmiga as Violet Harmon
Teddy Sears as Patrick
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